Quality Assurance

Providing the best quality products is another goal. To ensure quality production, we operate an in-house Quality Control Laboratory. Our QC lab is accredited by AASHTO to perform Hot Mix Asphalt Testing. In addition, our Laboratory Manager and five Laboratory Technicians have the following certifications:

  • 5 ea – ACI Concrete Field Testing Technicians
  • 4 ea – ACI Concrete Strength Technicians
  • 3 ea – ACI Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician Level 1
  • 1 ea – ACI Concrete Laboratory Testing Technician Level 2
  • 3 ea – ACI Aggregate Testing Technician Level 1

Our quality control technicians monitor the quality of our materials during production and the final products on a daily basis.

HRP performs the whole production process from mining to crushing, to screening to product manufacturing. By controlling the entire process from beginning to end, we ensure precise quality of every product we sell.