Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA)

Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA): Two hot mixed asphalt batch plants located in Fadian are capable of producing 300 TPH and 150 TPH respectively. Both plants are computer controlled to ensure exact HMA mix proportioning. Twenty dump trucks ensure that HRP is capable of delivering over 2000 tons of HMA per shift.

HMA Sustainability : Our larger asphalt plant is capable of producing 25% recycled asphalt pavement using millings from other projects. The use of recycled asphalt means less virgin aggregate and less imported asphalt cement are required. We are also capable of producing “Warm Mix Asphalt” which allows HMA production at a lower temperature saving energy. Both plants use recycled oil for a portion of the burner fuel used to dry the aggregates. These combined factors contribute to the preservation of our limited resources of Guam.

Construction : We have two construction crews capable of grading, milling and asphalt paving operations. Our motor graders, milling machines and asphalt pavers are equipped with millimeter GPS automated grade controls. These automated grade controls provide accuracy and speed that are required by today’s projects. Each paving crew is equipped with a PQI (Pavement Quality Indicator) gauge to monitor density during asphalt paving to ensure proper pavement compaction.

Our eight project engineers coordinate with each prime contractor or owner to ensure proper documentation, scheduling and quality. All of our project engineers have completed the NAVFAC Construction Quality Management for Contractors (CQM-C) courses and have attended the NAVFAC 40 hour Hazard Awareness for Contractors course.