Concrete Products

Hawaiian Rock Products has a block machine capable of producing 7,000 regular 8 inch CMU units per shift. We offer a wide range of block sizes: 4 inch wide, 6 inch wide and 12 inch wide. HRP can also produce breezeway blocks as well as paver, retaining wall units and split faced textures.

Our blocks are routinely inspected, sampled and tested by our “in-house” quality department to ensure that each block meets the minimum requirements of ASTMC-90. Our blocks surpass the 1900psi minimum requirement and we are able to produce hollow blocks up to 4000psi for special projects.

HRP is the only manufacturer or Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP) and concrete manhole units on Guam. Our RCP’s come in a wide range of sizes including 12 inch through 48 inch diameter. Pipes are produced by a dry-cast packer-head method. Manhole section are produced using pre-fabricated steel jacket froms ensuring the utmost consistency of product. Two types of cones are available as well as various heights of concrete risers. Most recenty, HRP has begun producing monolithic bases and can include block-outs of almost any diameter per customer requirements.